The demerger of METRO GROUP - why now?

Our opportunity

We operate in the EUR 300bn European Consumer Electronics market which has attractive dynamics. We have a strong history and in 2015/16 had a market leading position in nine countries. We continue to be one of the market leaders and we have identified strong growth opportunities.


Three clear reasons

The creation of a pure Consumer Electronics platform would give us the independence to pursue our own strategy. This would be based upon three clear reasons:

  • Firstly it would give us the independence to pursue our own business strategy and invest in our company’s value creation.
  • Secondly it would give CECONOMY management the opportunity to focus fully on value creation.
  • Thirdly it would make us more transparent to all stakeholders.

The best is yet to come

We are a financially healthy company with a clear strategy to grow, both in terms of turnover and results. We are in an excellent position to grow profitably. While we have made progress on our transformation path, we believe that the best is yet to come:

  • Online / mobile / multichannel
  • Services
  • Monetization of reach

Welcome to CECONOMY

CECONOMY is Europe’s leading consumer electronics platform, with MediaMarktSaturn as its core business.


Empowering life in the digitising world

CECONOMY will be focused on offering solutions that support and enhance our customers’ lives in an increasingly digitising world.

About us

The people behind our success

Independence would give CECONOMY’s management the opportunity to focus fully on the creation of value.

Management Team