Empowering life in the digitising world

Why we exist

CECONOMY is the leading European platform for consumer electronics related businesses, concepts and brands focused on offering solutions that support and enable consumers’ lives in an increasingly digitising world.



Exciting new reality

As our world becomes more and more digital, people use the possibilities that technology offers and integrate digital more and more in their everyday life. The lines between the digital and physical worlds are blurring.

In this new reality the role of consumer electronics has changed significantly, they are the tools that enable a digital life. Consumer electronics retailers can increase their customer relevance by not just offering the products but also the services and solutions that empower and support people in their day-to-day usage of consumer electronics.



Leading the digital transformation

As the number one European platform for consumer electronics related businesses, concepts and brands, we are determined to lead this transformation, creating value for customers and shareholders alike. We know that our future growth and successes are rooted in combining our strong asset from today with all the possibilities digital technology offers.

We empower life in the digitising world.


Welcome to CECONOMY

CECONOMY is Europe’s leading consumer electronics platform, with MediaMarktSaturn as its core business.


The demerger of METRO GROUP - why now?

The European consumer electronics market is changing fast and CECONOMY is in a prime position to make the most of this exciting new world.


The people behind our success

Independence would give CECONOMY’s management the opportunity to focus fully on the creation of value.

Management Team