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The number one consumer electronics company in Europe

CECONOMY is Europe’s leading consumer electronics platform, with MediaMarktSaturn as its core business. We are more than a retailer, we are the leading European platform for consumer electronics related businesses, concepts and brands focused on offering solutions that support and enable consumers’ lives in an increasingly digitising world.



Home of iconic brands

Our brands are strong assets, some of which have been successful for decades. CECONOMY currently comprises the brands Media Markt, Saturn, Redcoon, Juke!, iBOOD and Retail Media Group, as well as minority shareholdings in Flip4New and Locafox.


Strong customer base

We have 5.8m customer contacts per day, based on figures from financial year 2015/16. Today our brands are reaching more people than ever before. Of this total, approximately 2.6m store visitors per day, and 3.2m online visitors per day, of which 1.9m are unique. This equates to around 2 billion customer contacts per year. We are in a strong position to extensively analyse these contacts and gather new insights every day.



Multichannel and digital-ready business

We have done our homework and created a uniquely combined network of online, mobile and physical touchpoints that allow new forms of advising and selling, and of gathering data. We believe it is the winning model.


Empowering life in the digitising world

CECONOMY will be focused on offering solutions that support and enhance our customers’ lives in an increasingly digitising world.

About us

The demerger of METRO GROUP - why now?

The European consumer electronics market is changing fast and CECONOMY is in a prime position to make the most of this exciting new world.


The people behind our success

Independence would give CECONOMY’s management the opportunity to focus fully on the creation of value.

Management Team